Technique behind the Auto complete

Dear Reader,

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Find Technique behind the Auto complete @

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4 Responses to “Technique behind the Auto complete”

  1. Lakshmi Says:

    auto complete code was really good even though i don’t know any think about program I am telling this…..:)

    But there is something written on the picture i tried to do that ,nothing is happening why ?

    Then wh about the smart card program i asked u to post… did u forgot ?

    keep updating me ….

    • shakthydoss Says:

      Sorry yeah …it was a gif picture but actions are not working that lead you to confusion .Next I dint forget about request (smart card prog) I will try to post without any further delay.
      Your really active in all my posts thank u very mush

  2. Shashank Says:

    very well written and contemplated article…
    looking for more from you..

  3. Haja Peer Mohamed H Says:

    Great Post… Great Blog. Keep it up! Nice beginning!

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