The classical language Tamil and Cryptography

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8 Responses to “The classical language Tamil and Cryptography”

  1. Lakshmi Says:

    I remained completely silent after reading this blog
    and there was some kind of proud feeling to my self as tamil girl.

    Tamil people are really genius. And you sakthi , no words to explain your works are mind blowing.

  2. Shashank Says:

    U should work more at this… might result in something bigger…

  3. chapter18 Says:

    Hats off!


    • shakthydoss Says:

      Thank you Narayanan

  4. vadivel Says:

    hats off…

  5. Sudarsun Santhiappan Says:

    Substitution cipher text is easy to crack by cryptanalysis. Tamils have used a different form of security called the Metaphors. There are lot of poems in texts like Thirumandiram, which talks about a lot of secrets in human body, astronomy, sorcery, basic elements, life and living, etc. Texts like Thirukural has lot of secret information which are not apparent if you read them as texts, but the inherent meanings are understood only if you understand the metaphors. In Tamil, there is method called சிலேடை which is an expression of encryption, to be exact, it is Steganography. If you start reading Tamil literature, you will understand whatever these Western are claiming to have discovered/invented, were indeed dealt in detail my the ancient Tamils and Indians. Investigate further and let me know if need any help.

  6. Chinni Says:

    I wonder what are the characteristics of languages to say them as “Classical”?

  7. Rajakesari Says:

    Everything you say is correct sir, but the metaphor is not siledai in Tamil. Siledai is borrowed from Sanskrit word Shlesha, (SlESha>SlETa>silETay>siledai) meaning ambiguous. Rather we could use the original word irattaikkilavi (The ‘twin’ word=the twin meanings born out of a single word and not as two-words), which is more appropriate.
    Thank you

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