Single Value Decomposition

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4 Responses to “Single Value Decomposition”

  1. Diding Nuriska Says:

    I want to ask you, I have problem here,,,

    what matrices that we call subspace from SVD factorization?
    is it U,,V or T?
    Thank you

    • shakthydoss Says:

      Yes , you are right
      to be more appropriate it is U V S.
      Where U corresponds to rows , V corresponds to columns and S corresponds to diagonals.

      • Diding Nuriska Says:

        yes, that’s U S V,,,

        do you know what matrices that call subspace?
        is it u s or v???

        thank you…

      • shakthydoss Says:

        Lets say A be matrix of size m X n , then n columns is a linear subspace of n-dimensional Euclidean space. So it can be V.
        I also believe that there are four fundamental subspace, and row space is one among.If that is going to be case there is a possibly for U S also.

        thank you

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